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How We Make Custom Signs

Our Step-By-Step Process

Step 1 - Project Evaluation

We want to make sure we are good fit for your project, no matter what size the project is or your company. Our sales team will review the project and make recommendations which could include: sign design, sign permitting, sign type(s), installation, removal, delivery, sign storage, etc. As a part of this evaluation you will receive an official quote or if in the early stages of development, a proposed budget.

Projected Time: 1 Week

Step 2 - Contact Acceptance and Payment

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Projected Time: 1 Week

Step 3 - Proofs and Project Management

During this step you will work with our design team on design approval, whether you supply the design or have hired Right Way to design something custom.

Tip: Assign one point of contact within your company to review proofs, discuss internally and communicate with the Right Way team on decisions. It limits confusion, delays, etc.

Projected Time: 1-2 Weeks

Step 4 - Production

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Projected Time: 3-8 Weeks

Step 5 - Installation

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Projected Time: 1+ Days

Step 6 - Celebrate!

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